new art style 2020

Update on “Functional Collage” Art Style Process

Months ago I spoke about my painting. Among home decor, we love to discuss art in general here and so I thought I’d update you all on the process of a certain style I invented.

“Functional collage” is when you make a collage painting but the items you attach altogether form an image that is easily discernible. It’s an image with a 3D affect. You can learn more about functional collage here, but now I want to talk about my developing process.

I have turned my process into four simple steps to create functional collage art.

  1. Know what you want to show your audience.
  2. Have the items you need with glue to attach them to the canvas or 3D model.
  3. Paint a background onto the canvas or 3D model.
  4. Glue your items onto the background until you have the image you envisaged, repainting the background where needed.

The end result of following these steps can lead to some very interesting paintings that the art world will surely love. Try these steps and see if this style is fit for you!