collecting manikins

Why an Obsession with Manikins isn’t Weird

Okay, maybe it’s weird when you see a house full of manikins for the first time. But when something is weird it’s only because you don’t understand it. This post is here to explain why collecting manikins to decorate the household should be accepted in society.

The first reason is the amazing functionality of manikins. These human shaped pieces of art have the ability to display clothing in a way that looks like its being worn. For fashion designers, manikins are a great way to present their creations to visitors in their home. In fact that’s exactly what shopping malls do. If you have unique clothing that doesn’t deserve to hang in a closet unseen, consider a manikin to wear it for you.

If you have children I’d just recommend explaining to them that these human-like pieces of art do not come alive at night. My mother collected manikins to display her hat collection in the basement and she also liked to tell scary stories of ghosts possessing the manikins when no one was looking. I’m sure she got a kick out of my reaction, but it wasn’t funny for me. They gave me nightmares, especially when I heard something fall over in the basement; I always thought it was the manikins.

Another reason why manikins are a great addition to the home is that if you think about it they’re not much different than statues. How can it be weird for someone to collect statues and not manikins? Good question, eh? Maybe it’s all the horror movies about them that have shaped society’s prejudices towards them. If you’re a home decor designer on a budget and think a statue would go great in your client’s foyer but you want to save a bit of cash, get a manikin!

Thirdly a great reason why manikins are cool for designers is, unlike statues, it’s morally okay to paint them any color you want. A good friend of mine, Sally, likes to paint abstract art on her manikins and hang them upside down from the ceiling. Seriously! And it looks really cool! She finds the ones that are posing in funky positions, paints them funky colors and next thing you know you’re visiting a funk house. She also puts funky glasses on them. Seeing her creations eliminated my fear of manikins pronto because they were so harmless and cool looking.

If there’s anything you should NOT do with manikins, it’s putting weapons in their hands, unless it’s Holloween! This is very scary for visitors and it may be harder to explain the weirdness away with a simple blog post. Besides that, go crazy!

Thanks for reading. More cool art and home decor posts coming soon!