functional collage art

A New Style of Painting: Functional Collage Art

Shown above is an example of functional collage art sent in from a subscriber. The artist’s name in Emily C. and she has been developing this unique style of art for the past few years. It’s not all the time that collage art is abstract-like without notable forms and functions, but most of the time it is. Most collage art is non-functional, that is it does not portray a realistic image that can easily be made sense of.

What functional collage art is trying to do is render images that make sense and have functions with the classic collage style by combining paint with collage. 

Here is how you go about making functional collage art:

  1. Get a piece of canvas or other painting surface.
  2. Get an assortment of objects you wish to glue to the canvas.
  3. Have an image of what you want to create in mind, and paint the background.
  4. Start gluing your objects to the background to form the image you have in mind.
  5. Paint over the glued objects if you wish.

Functional collage combines traditional collage with paint to create an image that serves a specific function. Us at hope you enjoy experimenting with this new style!