Staying Engaged with what Motivates You

Every artist needs motivation, even if they don’t realize it because their motivator is with them everyday. An artist’s motivator can come in the form of a parent, a new’s channel, a book series, or anything that gives you inspiration to make more art.

If you’re an artist, then you might know that feeling of wanting to start a new project after working on the same project for too long because some new inspiration gave you a shift in ideas. This is a healthy thing to have, because inspiration is a hard commodity to find in this hectic time, and you can always shift back to your old project when you’re ready.

I have many unfinished projects that I’ll get back to once I get the right inspiration. In the meantime, starting new art projects is so much fun because I stay engaged with what motivates me.

What motivates you? Some artists find inspiration from the strangest things, like this art made from gutters.

My main source for motivation is YouTube channels like Bobby Duke Arts and Black Beard Productions. These channels motivate me because I get to see other hard working artists do their thing.

So, if you’ve been struggling with motivation lately then consider finding what motivates you and stay engaged with it on a regular basis.

Good luck!