Our First Post: Seeking Excited Home Decor Enthusiasts

This blog has exciting goals and we’re building an exciting team, with a dream of becoming a magazine one day, all about home renovation, decoration and art. We cover everything from the latest crazes and fads in indoor fashion to the not-so-popular wild ideas that are underrated. We find beauty in ugliness, and never focus on the negative in art. We’re trained to see the good in art right away, to give artists the motivation they need to keep being awesome.

If you think you’d get along with us, feel free to submit your writing to be featured on our blog, and we’ll work together to bring new ideas to the forefront in home decor.

We strive to bring forth decoration ideas for all rooms of the house. We’ve been involved in wild inventions, like statuesque toilets, beds that rotate via motors, and treadmills in the kitchen that you can use while you cook. We’re here for the long run and would love to have you on the team. Hit us up at info@deco-home-conseil.com !!!