Creative Fashion

There’s nothing too wild or crazy to be called art. And we believe everyone has the ability to be creative. For example one old lady I know painted flowers on a chair and then hung the chair upside-down from the ceiling! Many people think it’s odd, but it’s art, and creative fashion.

We want  you to get creative with the decorations around your home. Having a plain white wall is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be better to paint a sunset on it, or cartoon monkeys swinging from trees? Or maybe you could have a papier-mâché dinosaur busting out of the wall, with a motion sensor that makes a ROOOAARRR every time you linger by it for more than 5 seconds. Like we said, nothing is too crazy or out of this world to be considered home decor. it’s all about tastes, and the cool thing about being human is that each of our tastes is different. Who cares what the neighbors think! You just found the people who support you, so get creative with your indoor styling!