This blog run by volunteers who’re passionate about home decoration is here to share passion and inspire others to get creative about their own household environments. We condone wild and inventive indoor fashion, and because we come up with so many ideas we like to share them. We’re here for the long haul, and if you, too, have a similar passion and enjoy expressing it through writing, consider contacting us to have your writing featured on our blog as a guest post.

We feel for those strange people who have the need to rearrange their living room furniture every few months, and believe it’s those kinds of promptings that form the habits of a great home decorator. If something looks good to you, it may not look good to others, but that doesn’t matter one bit if it’s your own home that you’re decorating. Some people may frown at a religious statue and may even consider assumptions that you’re pious or something. Others will understand that you simply have an artistic eye for religious statues, and so that huge sculpture of Jesus in the foyer is no different than the wooden bear carving in the living room or the gnomes in the garden. They just look nice, and that’s all the excuse you need to have them their. And even if the Jesus statue had some spiritual significance, that’s totally fine, too! Anyone who says it isn’t will definitely not be allowed to post here on our blog. We only wish to share ideas that may be considered crazy, because it’s commonly those crazy ideas that are the most underappreciated.

If you wish to learn even more about us, stay tuned for our many blog posts yet to come. We’re just getting started!