Need Paintings for Walls? Paint Them Yourself!

The beautiful thing about abstract art is that everyone can do it. If you need some paintings for your walls in the house, you can get paints that match your furniture and splatter them across a canvas until you’re satisfied with the result.

There are many benefits to doing your own paintings. Today, Deco Home Conseil is going to discuss three! First of all, painting with wine and friends as a social activity is very fun. Invite the girls over for some painting, set out some cheese, wine and classical music, and have a good time.

Secondly, doing your own painting assures it’ll be the way you want it to be. If you don’t have any skill, you can still go wild with splattering and flicking, smudging and rubbing paint onto a canvas so that it comes out as something that looks good to your eye. That’s what matters most. And if you don’t like it, keep tossing paint onto it until you do. Abstract is so fun!

Thirdly, there’s my favorite benefit of doing your own paintings. When you have guests over, especially people who don’t know you too well and have never been over before, you can impress them if they ask you about one of your paintings. You can say, “Oh, that. I’m glad you like it. It’s just something I quickly whipped together.”

So if you’re looking for a hobby and could benefit from a few extra paintings in the living room, get some canvases. Even cheap ones from the dollar store will do. Then find all your old paint cans, buy some paints and brushes, set up some garbage bags on the kitchen table, or newspapers, and go crazy with it. If you realize how fun it is like I did, soon you might have dozens of your own paintings not only decorating your house but that of your friends and family, too.

Replaced Gutters Recently? Here’re Ways to Re-Use Your Old Guttering System!

Before I talk about what I did with my old gutters, I want to briefly talk about the wide range of things you can do with your old gutters. So I hope you decided to keep them! There’s a lot with them you can do!

  1. Outside Flower Planters: Re-installing the gutters at chest-height on your fence or the side of a shed for example will give you a great place to insert dirt and plant flowers, herbs or other vegetation. A friend abroad even told me of how she used a drill to install gutters along a stone retaining wall so that she could plant garlic in her over crowded garden.
  2. Inside Book Shelves: Installing gutters up high above the TV or close to the ceiling will give you a cool place to display all the books you’ve read. Installing them closer to the ceiling is especially cool because, although you might need a ladder to retrieve the books inside them, they’re not in the way and this supplies a great means of general storage. You could even do this above your bookshelves if you have a library or office just to give you more freed-up space.
  3. Garage Tool Rack: Nothing’ll say how handy you are with your tools than having them stored in a used length of gutter. Installing your old gutters in your garage under or above your already-present shelving will give you that extra storage needed to get the tools out of boxes and up off the ground.
  4. Easy Access Bathroom Shelving: If you have a few short lengths of gutter, you can stack them above each other on the wall behind or beside the toilet to give you a cool place to hold your phone, spare toilet paper, magazines, folded hand towels and all other bathroom things.

Now I have one more idea but I’d like to share it in story form, as I had fun implementing this decor idea in my home this week, and have more insight into how it can be done better.

First of all, I didn’t even expect that I’d ever have a bunch of used gutters lying around to do something cool with. It was my husband who decided it was a good time to look up services for gutter installation Victoria BC. We replaced our old green aluminum guttering system with a better black steel one, and I can already say I love the new look they give to our home’s facade. The gutter company asked if we wanted them to haul away our old gutters, but my husband knows me well enough to know I’d most likely want to do something artistic with them. He made that decision when I wasn’t even home, which I love him for. And I’m sure he loved the great choice he made, too, because know we have a very cool addition to the inside of our home!

So here begins idea No. 5! Beer bottle holders for the kitchen! Not everyone collects beer bottles, but my husband does. Everyday after work he hits up the beer store to buy a single bottle of expensive craft beer. He has bottles from all around the world, and nearly all of them have cool designs on them which make them worth keeping. I must say, after installing several rows of used gutter along the wall in our kitchen, it frees up all the space on top of the fridge and windowsills where the bottles were overcrowded before. My husband absolutely adores them= bottle shelves, and now that there’s so much excess storage he doesn’t feel inclined to recycle the bottles with designs he doesn’t like as much. It may only take a year before we run out of shelving space, but by then I hope he’ll find something better to collect.

The gutters we had were the perfect size to fit the bottles in snug so they also don’t rattle around when a big truck drives by like you might expect. We had a minor earthquake the other day and even then the bottles in the gutters didn’t make a sound.

Perhaps you collect other things that would fit into gutters, like dolls or action figures, and need more storage space for them. Why not flip two pancakes with one spatula and order gutter installation services to free-up your old gutters and free-up some space in your home?

“I hope you enjoyed this fun post by my friend Wendy. Stay tuned for more interesting home decor ideas!”

Guest Post by Wendy Croft of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Why an Obsession with Manikins isn’t Weird

Okay, maybe it’s weird when you see a house full of manikins for the first time. But when something is weird it’s only because you don’t understand it. This post is here to explain why collecting manikins to decorate the household should be accepted in society.

The first reason is the amazing functionality of manikins. These human shaped pieces of art have the ability to display clothing in a way that looks like its being worn. For fashion designers, manikins are a great way to present their creations to visitors in their home. In fact that’s exactly what shopping malls do. If you have unique clothing that doesn’t deserve to hang in a closet unseen, consider a manikin to wear it for you.

If you have children I’d just recommend explaining to them that these human-like pieces of art do not come alive at night. My mother collected manikins to display her hat collection in the basement and she also liked to tell scary stories of ghosts possessing the manikins when no one was looking. I’m sure she got a kick out of my reaction, but it wasn’t funny for me. They gave me nightmares, especially when I heard something fall over in the basement; I always thought it was the manikins.

Another reason why manikins are a great addition to the home is that if you think about it they’re not much different than statues. How can it be weird for someone to collect statues and not manikins? Good question, eh? Maybe it’s all the horror movies about them that have shaped society’s prejudices towards them. If you’re a home decor designer on a budget and think a statue would go great in your client’s foyer but you want to save a bit of cash, get a manikin!

Thirdly a great reason why manikins are cool for designers is, unlike statues, it’s morally okay to paint them any color you want. A good friend of mine, Sally, likes to paint abstract art on her manikins and hang them upside down from the ceiling. Seriously! And it looks really cool! She finds the ones that are posing in funky positions, paints them funky colors and next thing you know you’re visiting a funk house. She also puts funky glasses on them. Seeing her creations eliminated my fear of manikins pronto because they were so harmless and cool looking.

If there’s anything you should NOT do with manikins, it’s putting weapons in their hands, unless it’s Holloween! This is very scary for visitors and it may be harder to explain the weirdness away with a simple blog post. Besides that, go crazy!

Thanks for reading. More cool art and home decor posts coming soon!

Our First Post: Seeking Excited Home Decor Enthusiasts

This blog has exciting goals and we’re building an exciting team, with a dream of becoming a magazine one day, all about home renovation, decoration and art. We cover everything from the latest crazes and fads in indoor fashion to the not-so-popular wild ideas that are underrated. We find beauty in ugliness, and never focus on the negative in art. We’re trained to see the good in art right away, to give artists the motivation they need to keep being awesome.

If you think you’d get along with us, feel free to submit your writing to be featured on our blog, and we’ll work together to bring new ideas to the forefront in home decor.

We strive to bring forth decoration ideas for all rooms of the house. We’ve been involved in wild inventions, like statuesque toilets, beds that rotate via motors, and treadmills in the kitchen that you can use while you cook. We’re here for the long run and would love to have you on the team. Hit us up at !!!